Travel to wild places
with a light footprint
to enjoy your passions

Hello. We are Whisper & Wild.

Whisper & Wild Travel is a travel company that offers clients the opportunity to pursue their interests and passions, in wild and remote corners of the world, or seldom explored parts of otherwise well known locations.

All trips uphold the highest standards in sustainable travel, leaving nothing but a whisper of our visit. We choose small operators, owner run camps and authenticity over commercialism. Our small group trips focused around a passion such as photography, kayaking, or conservation. As they explore, our clients benefit from the company of experts, specialists and professionals who share their passion. Photography trips with experts who are there to help you take photos rather than building up their own portfolio. Kayaking in exciting and seldom paddled locations with experienced leaders who have essential intimate knowledge of the terrain. Joining dedicated scientists on the front-line for an insight and hands-on opportunity to assist in real world conservation. Whisper & Wild trips offer the opportunity to combine exploration with the things you love to do, leaving only the lightest footprint.

Currently Whisper & Wild trips operate on an invitation only basis, working with select partners.



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